Monday, July 25, 2016

Move over bacon, make room for Schmacon

Schmacon is a beef product made to immitate bacon, but promoted as half the calories, half the fat and great taste.

It’s made by Howard Bender of Naperville, Ill. He offers it online and has had orders from as far away as the Middle East where neither Jews nor Muslims will eat pork.

Schmacon is delicious and different than anything else on the market,” Bender told the Chicago Tribune.
He first offered the product last year. The cut comes from the underbelly of cattle which is normally used for hamburger.

It is a new way for us to utilize more of the total carcass,” says Mark Gwin, Certified Angus Beef product integration manager.

What we’re trying to do is value-add those lower priced parts of the carcass.”

Celery and cherry powder help naturally cure the meat and give it the cured meat color without using nitrites. This process helps reduce the amount of sodium used.

Schmacon is not currently available nationwide. However, the product is sold online through the Schmaltz Deli website. (