Tuesday, July 19, 2016

High alert for avian flu remains

The Feather Board Command Centre is reminding poultry farmers to continue to implement heightened biosecurity measures because of an outbreak of avian influenza in a 14,000-bird duck farm in St. Catharines.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is maintaining a three-kilometre quarantine zone. 

It means that CFIA licenses are required for moving all poultry products as well as things such as equipment, litter, bedding, etc., on and off farms in the quarantine zone.

Composting is underway at the duck farm. 

After the virus has been killed by high composting temperatures, cleaning and disinfecting will begin.

Then there will be a three-week period during which the barn must remain empty. The quarantine will remain in effect throughout this period.

The Feather Board Command Centre says “poultry farms and industry stakeholders are urged to continue with heightened biosecurity measures.

“Should you become aware of health concerns in any flock(s), please immediately contact your veterinarian as well as the Board, or call 1-877-SOS-BYRD.”