Tuesday, December 11, 2018

McDonald’s to monitor antibiotic use

McDonald’s Restaurants will soon begin checking how beef farmers use antibiotics.

Based on what if learns, it said it will set targets for “responsible” use of antibiotics on farms from which it buys beef by the end of 2020.
It announced this week tit is “partnering with supplying beef producers in its top 10 beef sourcing markets (Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Ireland, Poland, UK, Canada, USA and Brazil) to measure and understand current usage of antibiotics across a diverse, global supply chain.
“Starting in 2022, McDonald’s will report progress against antibiotic reduction targets across its top 10 beef sourcing markets.
 “Our overall approach to responsible use of antibiotics focuses on refining their selection and administration, reducing their use, and ultimately replacing antibiotics with long-term solutions to prevent diseases and protect animal health and welfare. With this in mind, we remain committed to treating animals when needed,” the company said.
It's becoming ridiculous, what with all these politically-correct retailers snooping over farmers' shoulders.