Tuesday, December 18, 2018

New initiatives for “healthy soils”

The Ontario Soil Network (OSN) is seeking farmers from across Ontario to participate in a program to improve agricultural soil. 

There was a pilot project last year and now the Rural Ontario Institute will run the province-wide program.

The Canadian Agricultural Partnership is putting in $202,000 and has support from several agricultural organizations.

Both federal and Ontario agriculture ministers praised the program’s objectives. 

The Ontario Soil Network is designed for farmers who are innovating, using cover crops, reducing tillage, or using amendments and cattle to improve soil. 

The OSN connects these innovators in small groups to learn from each other. 

Participants are also challenged and supported to be better leaders and communicators about agriculture and soil health. 

The 2019 leadership challenge, open to 40 farmers, will begin with a workshop on January 17-18, 2019, in Kingston, but you have to register by Thursday. 

So why is the deadline so tight? Have they already picked participants and really don't want any more applications?

They say applications can be submitted online at www.ontariosoil.net before December 20. Good luck!