Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Aussies target mastitis

The Clinical Mastitis Decision Support Tool Project is a $3.5 million, three-year collaboration among Dairy Australia, Coles, DataGene, Food Agility CRC, University of Sydney, University Technology Sydney and Charles Sturt University.

They plan to use artificial intelligence to create a digital tool for dairy farmers and veterinarians by using the mastitis history of each dairy cow to develop a control program.

The advice offered farmers and veterinarians will include which antibiotics to administer, if any.

“What’s really exciting is that the tool will use artificial intelligence to constantly learn and update based on new information about the animal, infection source and available management options,” Food Agility CRC chief scientist Professor David Lamb said.

“This is true industry-led, multi-disciplinary research at its best, with farmers and retailers working alongside animal health specialists, data analysists and technology developers,” he said.