Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Pork enters classrooms

Pork enters classrooms

Pork enters classrooms

Ontario Pork marketing board is partnering with AgScape to provide education materials for students from grades five to 10.

The 68-page guide is a resource for three lesson plans about pig farming, one each for grades 5 and 6, seven and eight, and nine and 10.

Topics covered include: The History of Pig Farming, Pig Production and Terminology, Pig Farming and the Canadian economy, Human Nutrition and Health, Pig Farming and the Environment and even more topics that will help contribute to students becoming informed food citizens.


“While healthy, sustainable food is essential to all of us, the vast majority of Ontarians have little or no direct connection to farming. That disconnect can allow misinformation to take root, and cause people to question the quality and value of food businesses that they don’t fully understand,” said Stacey Ash, manager of communications and consumer marketing at Ontario Pork.

“Ontario Pork had a great experience working with AgScape”| she said.,

|Their knowledge and deep understanding of the Ontario curriculum were invaluable in helping us to translate information about hog farming and pork production in the province into meaningful learning outcomes for students and educator.”


Taylor Selig, executive eirector of AgScape, said “AgScape is proud to work in partnership with Ontario Pork to bring knowledge of the important work of pork producers and the sector to teachers and students across the province.

“A key aspect of our shared missions is to engage and inspire the next generation about the agriculture and food industry so that they can make informed decisions and consider the diverse career opportunities within the sector. This resource will play an important role in bridging that gap within the classroom.” said Selig.