Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Most Canadians fine with plant protein “meats”

A survey run for the Canadian Food Inspection Agency has found that 79 per cent of Canadians are confident they can distinguish products that contain meat and those that do not.

And so they accept that plant protein manufacturers can use the names of meats on their products.

But it is an American law firm that released the survey results, not the Canadian Food Inspection Agenc.

,Meatingplace Magazine has reported on the findings by Keller & Hackman, a law firm based in Washington, D.C. which published a report in the National Law Review.

The report found that consumers and companies making the plant=based productssaid that “plant-based foods should not be compared to meat and poultry products and that they are separate and unique food products.” 

CFIA released its proposals for regulating plant protein “meats” in November, 2020, and now plans to revise them based on the feedback it received. The agency said it will reassess the guidelines related to appearance, composition, and advertising and representations.