Friday, August 13, 2021

Phages promoted to reduce antibiotics

Proteon Pharmaceuticals, a company that specializes in developing bacteriophage therapies for the livestock sector, has secured investments totalling 21 million Euros ($31 million Cdn) to accelerate the commercialization of its products. 


Phages are a normal body defence against invaders.


Proteon Pharmaceuticals' bacteriophages aim to reduce the reliance on antibiotics within aquaculture and livestock farming. 


The bacteriophages reduce the need for antibiotics, improve on-farm performance and increase the sustainability of protein production, the company says.


Proteon Pharmaceuticals has developed bacteriophage cocktails that address Salmonella and Avian Pathogenic E. Coli infections in poultry production as well as Pseudomonas and Aeromonas infection in aquaculture. 


The company’s products are registered and commercially available in selected markets throughout Southeast Asia, South America, and Africa.


Proteon Pharmaceuticals’ product development pipeline includes solutions for mastitis in dairy cows.  


The products are built using of natural bacteriophages in cocktails that are precision-designed using an AI-supported platform technology, the company says.