Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Donations sought for mental health

The Do More Agriculture Foundation is participating in a national fundraiser called Maple (Re)Leaf to raise money for farmers’ mental health.

It has 18 organizations from which donors can choose to support.

Adelle Stewart, executive director of Do More Ag, said its funds will go toward a national support line for Canadian producers, something Do More Ag has been working toward for a while.

“We represent the voice of the producer and something that we continually have heard from them and as well has been stated in many national reports, (is) that farmers are more likely to speak to someone about their mental health who understands the agriculture sector,” Stewart said.

“So we wanted to … develop this initiative where we would have one line for all producers across Canada and the fundraiser goes towards that.”

To donate, people can buy maple leaves during the fundraiser’s tour.

Donations can be made at maplereleaf.ca or at domore.ag/donate.