Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Dominican ASF now widespread

African Swine Fever is now widespread in the Dominican Republic, showing up in 11 of the country’s 33 provinces and prompting culling of tens of thousands of pigs to contain the deadly disease.

Mexico and the United States have implemented new measures to prevent the spread of the disease, including a ban on pork from the Dominican Republic and Haiti and increased inspection of travellers’ luggage.

The Canadian Pork Council’s chairman Rick Bergmann said he is pleased that  the Canada Border Services Agency promptly added the Dominican Republic to the list of countries that border officers are screening for ASF risks.

This change builds on measures taken in 2019 to increase the number of detector dog teams, enhance public communications about the risks associated with illegal meat imports and control imports of unprocessed grain and oilseeds from ASF infected countries.

Bergmann also mentioned that federal Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude  Bibeau said  following the meeting of federal, provincial and territorial ministers recently that ASF preparedness and response remain a major priority. 

He said “while much progress has been made, there remain opportunities to eradicate wild pigs, enhance biosecurity and develop the response policies and programs that will be needed should there ever be a Canadian outbreak.”