Saturday, August 7, 2021

NFU urges acceptance of AgriStability offer

The National Farmers Union is calling on Alberta and Saskatchewan to accept federal Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau’s offer of increased assistance via AgriStability.

They have been blocking nation-wide acceptance of the offer which is to increase the reference margin from 70 to 80 per cent and to add $170 million per year to the fund.

She also offered to keep applications open.

The National Farmers Union asked the Prairie governments to put aside the political posturing and “do the right thing” in order to get crucially needed aid to drought-stricken farmers. 

“The lack of moisture has combined with higher-than-average temperatures to put many farmers and ranchers in a desperate situation,” says Stewart Wells, farmer and NFU vice president. 

“It is merely political posturing which is holding the western premiers back, and their inaction comes at the expense of the farmers and ranchers in their respective provinces,” Wells said. 


“It is now time to stop playing politics and do the right thing for farmers and ranchers in every province.”