Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Corteva offers canola heat insurance

Corteva is providing heat insurance for farmers who plant its Brevant seeds Nexera canola, but only on the Canadian prairies; Ontario was missing from the news release.

It is separate from crop insurance.

“Beginning in 2022, farmers who plant Brevant™ seeds Nexera® canola will be automatically protected with up to $100 per acre in the event of excessive heat during the critical flowering growth development stage,” the company said.

"With demand for canola on the rise, growers have a bright future," said Tyler Groeneveld, Corteva Agriscience's Commercial Grains & Oils Leader, North America. The insurance offers “greater peace of mind and risk mitigation."

"Unlike other insurance, there is no time-consuming loss adjustment process, no trips to the field, and the farmer gets paid months ahead of traditional crop insurance," the company said.