Wednesday, September 29, 2021

De-regulation in works for dairy processors

 The Ontario Farm Products Marketing Commission has opened a public comment period until Nov. 11 on a long list of regulations for dairy processing companies it intends to drop.

It’s part of Premier Doug Ford’s promise of an Open For Business review of all regulations.

The commission estimates that eliminating all of the regulations on its list would save the processing sector about $147,000 per year. Big whoop!

The proposals include eliminating fees for licences and certificates for plants, for non-shopkeeper distributors, for bulk tank graders, for dairy plant milk and cream graders and for apprentices.

Other proposals would:

Eliminate the need to pasteurize ice-cream mixes made from pre-pasteurized ingredients would be eliminated, provided that the end-product meets established microbiological food safety standards.

Allow the use of electronic records related to goat milk and removing the requirement to use ink or indelible lead for goat milk records. 

Remove prescriptive space requirements for butter and raw milk storage while maintaining food safety standards. 

Eliminate the requirement for a permit to make small alterations to a dairy processing plant that do not impact food safety.

Transition towards an outcome-based requirement when it comes to the location of wash basins for washing hands in processing plants.

Remove references to farm-separated cream and cream testers as there is no longer a farm-separated cream industry in Ontario. 

Update a reference to the grades, standards, grade names, grade marks, packing, marking and labelling requirements and specifications of containers for dairy products as found in the new Safe Food for Canadians Regulations and the Canadian Grade Compendium.