Monday, September 27, 2021

Fertilizer industry alarmed by proposed curbs


The fertilizer industry is alarmed by proposals to reduce global warming by cutting back on commercial fertilizers.

Fertilizer Canada, the lobbying group that speaks for the commercial fertilizer industry, objects to the federal government’s proposal to cut commercial fertilizer applications by 30 per cent.

It said in a news release today that it was not consulted and that the government is ignoring its progress by introducing its 4R Nutrient Stewardship program.

"No one is more impacted by climate change than farmers," said Karen Proud, president and chief executive officer for Fertilizer Canada.

The fertilizer companies developed the 4R approach over 15 years with help scientists, farm organizations and provincial governments to reduce agriculture's environmental impact without compromising farmers' competitiveness, she said.

"When the federal government announced a 30 per cent emission reduction target for on-farm fertilizer use it did so without consulting the provinces, the agricultural sector, or any key stakeholders - on the feasibility of such a target,” she said.