Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Avian influenza claims more U.S. flocks

Highly-pathogenic avian influenza has claimed a few more commercial poultry flocks in the United States.

One had 570,000 chickens in Nebraska. They were being raised for Costco’s new poultry empire there.

Three new outbreaks have occurred in South Dakota, resulting in the loss of 108,000 turkeys.

The Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife is reporting new HPAI outbreaks daily, including a recent confirmation of HPAI spread in Cape Cod.


The H5 strain was detected in two Canadian geese, and local agencies are outlining mitigation measures aimed at containing additional HPAI spread.

 A red-tailed hawk was infected and found in the Waterloo Region this week.

Over the past six weeks, the U.S. has reported more than 13.3 million commercial birds lost in 50 outbreaks in 17 states.

Twenty-seven of these outbreaks involved commercial poultry.