Monday, March 28, 2022

Chicken production hit 600 million kilograms

Ontario’s chicken production topped 600 million kilograms last year, attendees at the Chicken Farmers of Ontario marketing board’s annual meeting Monday learned.

That chicken was worth more than $1.1 billion.

Sixty new barns were built and the board’s policy enabled 26 entrants to get into chicken farming.

Members placed more than 258 million chicks in their barns.

There are 1,298 registered premises in Ontario. In addition, the board’s policies allow production without quota for its special breeds, artisanal and own-use programs.

Retiring chairman Ed Benjamins said the board negotiated a new pricing formula with procesors and welcomed a new chief executive officer, Denise Hockaday.

Hockaday said the “pandemic caused havoc across the chicken sector” including on demand, labour and supply chains.

Through it all, consumers continued to get a supply of quality chicken and entering the new year, she said the industry “is resilient”.