Thursday, March 10, 2022

Max Hansgen is president of NFU-Ontario

Max Hansgen of Lanark, Ontario has been acclaimed president of the National Farmers Union - Ontario.

He is also Region 3 (i.e. Ontario) Coordinator.

Also acclaimed were Rav Singh (Shade of Miti Farm, Mississauga) as Youth Advisor; Claire Poulton (Little Field Farm, Bright) as Women’s Advisor; Orlando Martín López Gómez (Toronto) as the first-ever BIPOC Advisor; Jennifer Osborn (All Sorts Acres, Mono) as a National Board member; and Ken Bassindale (Selkirk) as councillor-at-large. 

Roger Rivest (Nature Lane Farm, Staples) and Brendan Grant (Sleepy G Farm, Pass Lake) will continue on the Board in the second year of their terms. 

It appears that the NFU-Ontario is becoming even more of a fringe group than it has traditionally been.