Monday, March 7, 2022

World Food Program offers help to Ukraine

The World Food Programme said it is increasing food aid to Ukraine where it said they are severe shortages of food and water in Kiev and Kharkiv.

The Canadian Foodgrains Bank and its partners have also issued an appeal for Canadian donations for its aid programs for Ukrainians caught in war with Russia and Belarus.

The United Nations, which runs the World Food Programme,  said it is in the process of finding partners in Ukraine to help it distribute the food, and that it will also assist Ukrainian refugees coming across the border to neighbouring countries.

Ukraine’s ports on the Black Sea are now closed, meaning the country can’t export wheat which is a big revenue earner for the country.

The Ukraine and Russia account for 29 per cent of global wheat exports and 19 per cent of global corn exports. Russia’s exports are difficult because banks can’t provide payment under the economic sanctions that have been applied.

Shippers, such as Dreyfus, are also refusing to carry Russian exports.

The World Food Programme has been buying more than half its wheat from Ukraine.