Thursday, March 3, 2022

Province backs innovation in food industry

Ontario is investing $22 million in 170 projects that involve innovation, reports Agriculture Minister Lisa Thompson.

It’s not clear whether she was talking in Teeswater about projects that have already been funded or about a promise of new funding for future projects.

She said examples of new technology being implemented include

a self-driving tractor which includes data collection and will decrease use of chemical sprays and worker exposure, an automated colour sorting machine for soybeans and automated turkey packaging that reduces worker exposure to COVID-19.

The province has been issuing many news releases about its funding in advance of the beginning of a provincial election campaign this spring.

The provincial auditor has also noted that the government has increased advertising in advance of the election, aimed at making it look good. She also made the same criticisms about the previous Liberal government's advertising.

What is not so clear to the public is that taxpayer-funded advertising entices the advertising companies to then work on political campaigns.