Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Court awards convicted Butch Claire $3.5 million

Ontario appeal court justice Peter Lauwers has awarded Butch Clare, convicted owner of Aylmer Meats, $3.5 million for the loss of his meat-packing business.

The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs cancelled the company’s licence and Clare was convicted of illegally butchering and selling meat from dead cattle and also slaughtering sick and diseased cattle.

It was done during times when no government inspectors were in the packing plant which therefore should not have been operating.

The original court ruling was that Clare deserved no compensation, but Lauwers said OMAFRA’s actions put the company out of business and Clare was therefore unable to sell it to any buyer who wished to resume meat-packing operations there.

Lauwers accused OMAFRA officials of a “litany of bureaucratic ineptitude” related to the tainted meat scandal. OMAFRA took possession of Aylmer Meats in 2003.

I hope the Ontario government appeals to the Supreme Court of Canada. I hate to see Clare getting a penny.