Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Dan-Bred makes deal with Alliance Genetics Canada

Hog-farming customers of Alliance Genetics will be gaining access to some of the world’s best Durocs because of a deal reached with Dan-Bred Canada, subsidiary of Dan-Bred in Denmark.

Dan-Bred Canada gained access to top Durocs here when it brought in Total Swine Genetics, the Tavistock-area farm of Arnold Ypma.

AGC was formed in 2013 through partnership agreements with more than a dozen nucleus herds and nearly 10,000 purebred sows from Duroc, Landrace and Yorkshire lines, it drew on genetics developed over the previous 40 years in Ontario.

It now works with numerous nucleus and multiplier herds, including one in Alberta. According to manager Dave Vandenbroek  the company maintains “a good market share in selling first-generation crosses to farmers in Ontario and Alberta and has a good market for terminal sires’ semen.