Monday, August 8, 2022

Seitz to remain Nutrien ceo

Ken Seitz, who took over in January as interim chief executive officer of Nutrien has been confirmed in that position for the future.

He took over from Mayo Schmidt who lost support from the board of directors.

Seitz grew up on a dairy farm in Saskatchewan and is heading Nutrien during chaotic times = COVID=19, supply chain disruptions, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The company announced in June that is would increase potash production by 20 per cent.

It’s quarterly profit doubled to $3.6 billion, but it has cautioned investors that it expects  a decline is coming, mainly because it is having challenges meeting nitrogen demand.

Nutrien said “under Mr. Seitz’s leadership, Nutrien has achieved record results, delivered bold actions in response to changes in agricultural markets, advanced the organization’s sustainability strategy and brought together key parties to help navigate unprecedented global food security challenges.”