Friday, May 29, 2015

Avian flu continues to spread in U.S.

Avian influenza continues to spread in Iowa and Minnesota which each had two more poultry flocks hit this week.

That brings the total to 191 flocks since the first on Dec. 19  and the bird count to 43,292,373.

It’s no longer likely to be migrating ducks and geese that are dropping infected feces that are causing the recent outbreaks because migration season is over and the heat of recent weeks is high enough to kill most of the virus.

That leaves sloppy biosecurity as the most likely reason the virus continues to spread.

In Ontario, where there have been three outbreaks in Oxford County, also attributed to migrating waterfowl, there have been no new outbreaks for a month.

The tight biosecurity and excellent industry communications in Ontario is a welcome byproduct of supply management in the poultry industry.