Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Avian influenza losses hit 38 million birds

The United States poultry industry has lost 38 million birds to highly-pathogenic avian influenza, birds that have for the most part come into contact with contaminated feces from migrating ducks and geese.

There are four new confirmed outbreaks in Iowa, bringing its losses to 26 million chickens and nearly one million turkeys.

South Dakota has become the latest state to cancel state poultry shows in an effort to stem the potential spread of the virus.

Ontario cancelled its annual poultry show at London and a number of other industry information meetings. There have been three outbreaks in Ontario, all in Oxford County.

More than 1.6 million birds in South Dakota have been affected by numerous outbreaks of H5N2 this year alone.

Other states such as Minnesota, Wisconsin and North Dakota have also banned poultry shows and other poultry-industry events, including state fairs.