Wednesday, May 20, 2015

U.S. to require more antibiotics sales data

The United States Food and Drug Administration has served notice it wants to require antibiotic companies to provide data on sales and distribution for all cattle, swine, chickens and turkeys.

The current rules call only for total sales; the proposal would require a breakdown of sales by species.

The additional data would improve understanding of how antimicrobials are sold or distributed for use in major food-producing animals and help the FDA further target its efforts to make sure that medically important antimicrobials are used judiciously, says the government.

“Consistent with data collection objectives outlined in the ... National Strategy for Combating Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria, this proposed rule is a step toward providing more detailed information to the FDA and the public on changes in antimicrobial sales and distribution over time,” said Michael R. Taylor, deputy commissioner for foods and veterinary medicine for the FDA. 

“We plan further actions to complete the task.”

While adding species-specific information will help provide a fuller picture, more detailed information is needed about on-farm use practices to adequately understand links between use patterns and trends in resistance, the release said. 

It seems the "further action" might come down to the individual farm level. 

Would the FDA please consider doing the same for doctors, hospitals and their patients who have also been part of the problem giving rise to increased antibiotic resistance?