Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Avian flu outbreak worst ever

The current outbreaks of avian influenza in poultry flocks across the United Sates is the worst ever, according to professors John Newton and Todd Kuethe of the University of Illinois.

Two weeks ago Minnesota was the hardest hit; now it’s Iowa.

The national toll is now 23.1 million birds, nine million more than the previous record in 1983.

Iowa has lost 44 flocks; three massive egg-laying farms had more than 14 million birds.

Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin governors have all declared a state of emergency.

Ontario has had no new outbreaks in several weeks since two turkey farms and one broiler hatching egg chicken flock were hit in Oxford County.

The federal government has announced it’s releasing $1.58 million to British Columbia poultry farmers enrolled in its AgriRecovery and AgriRisk programs. They were hit by avian influenza outbreaks during the December holiday period.