Thursday, May 21, 2015

Poultry boards begin stand-down

Ontario’s poultry marketing boards are beginning to resume normal operations, but at a cautious pace because of the continued threat of spreading avian influenza.

The staff assigned to the Feather Board Command Centre in London are returning to their board offices and the boards are beginning to resume farm visits and inspections.

But the visits are being limited to one farm per day.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s 10-kilometre quarantine zones around three farms in Oxford County that have experienced outbreaks remain in effect.

Those flocks have been euthanized and composted, first inside the barns and then outside.

A demanding cleanout, washing and disinfecting has begun.

The boards are also allowing the resumption of small and local meetings of poultry farmers, but not yet bigger and broader events.

It has been three weeks since the last outbreak.

The situation is much different in the United States where farms continue to experience outbreaks.

Congratulations to the Ontario poultry farmers and service companies for doing an excellent job of biosecurity.