Wednesday, May 27, 2015

CFA bid for “balanced approach” dies

The Canadian Federation of Agriculture’s “balanced approach” to international trade relations is dead as free-market commodity organizations clash with supply-management marketing boards.

Both are issuing news releases this week, urging the federal government in opposite directions at the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade negotiations on this week.

Cattle and hog producers issued news releases emphasing the importance of Canada’s participation in any deal that opens markets for exports.

The dairy and poultry marketing boards issued news releases emphasizing the importance of maintaining import barriers.

But a joint news release from the national feather-industry marketing agencies stopped short of insisting on maintaining current import barriers, said it supports efforts to expand access to markets and will continue to closely monitor the TPP negotiations.

Quebec’s dairy farmers staged a major rally this week and there are some in Ontario who have said they hope the Ontario marketing board will organize a demonstration in Ottawa.