Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Another B.C. chicken abuse case

Another underground video of a chicken-catching crew in British Columbia has caught the attention of animal rights supporters who are calling for the Society of Prevention of Cruelty to examine the situation.

Animal Justice, a Toronto-based organization, says its video was shot on the farm of Dan Neufeld.
He said it was a hired crew, but is taking responsibility for the crew he hired.

They were caught holding chickens upside down, stuffing them into cages where wings and legs hung out.

It’s hardly the makings of a sensation animal-abuse case because it’s common practice to catch chickens by their legs and hold them upside down to lower them into crates for trucking to the slaughter plant.

The crates are open enough for good ventilation, so it’s no surprise that some wings and legs would slip out between the slats.

By comparison, an underground video shot while a different catching crew was abusing chickens at a farm near Chilliwack a few weeks ago included cruelty that prompted the catching company to immediately fire the entire crew.

Neufeld should simply ask these accusers to go back to Toronto and shoot some underground video about the way visible minorities are treated.