Friday, July 28, 2017

PED jumps Red River

Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea virus has jumped the Red River to infect a hog operation in the Altona-Gfretna region.
That increases infection zones to nine since the highly-infectious and deadly disease blossomed in Southern Manitoba this summer.
It’s unusual because the virus survives better in cold that warm weather.
Dr. Glen Duizer of Manitoba’s Chief Veterinary Office (CVO) said the barn was exposed after a shipment of pigs from a farm that was later confirmed PEDv positive. The shipped animals later tested positive for the virus.
It’s very unfortunate,” Manitoba Pork general manager Andrew Dickson said. “This happens. You can test and test.”
Remedial measures are underway; operations within five kilometres have been notified and the site has been locked down, Dickson said.

Quarantine zones had been mostly in the Steinbach area, near Niverville, St. Pierre-Jolys, and near the U.S.-Canada border south of Steinbach.