Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Canadians are eating wiser

Canadians are eating more protein, including meat, which is an improvement, according to the Institute of Medicine.

The most recent figures from Satistics Canada also indicate that adults are eating a bit more fat and fewer  carbohydrates.

For children and teenagers, the percentage of daily energy intake from protein increased one percent (to 15.6 percent in 2015 from 14.6 percent in 2004.

For adults, it edged up to 17.0 percent from 16.5 percent. This still lingers at the lower end of the acceptable range of 10 to 35 percent of calories set by the Institute of Medicine.

"While there are some differences in consumption since the last survey in 2004, the data shows Canadians are generally consuming carbohydrates, fats and protein within recommended ranges," said Dr. David Ma, Department of Human Health and Nutritional Sciences at the University of Guelph.

"The data is encouraging as the previous national survey showed Canadians were consuming protein at the lower end of the acceptable distribution range," added Dr. Stuart Phillips, director of the Physical Activity Center of Excellence (PACE) and McMaster Center for Nutrition, Exercise and Health Research.