Friday, July 28, 2017

Charity Crescent statue controversial

Brookdale Tony Charity Crescent’s statue is on the front page of the Toronto Star today, Canada’s largest newspaper.

It’s something she never achieved in her lifetime, but it’s one of the few claims to fame the real-life Charity missed.

The problem is her statue is raised high on four metal posts, one for each hoof, near a residential part of Markham.

Where Holstein farmers see beauty, those neighbours are disgusted by her ugly sight.

They want the statue removed.

It’s Helen Roman-Barber, daughter of multi-millionaire Steve Roman, owner of Romandale Farms, who put the massive statue there.

Charity was nine-time All-Canadian or All-American Holstein, was never defeated in her class and held some milk production records, a rare combination of show-ring and production excellence.