Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Wildfires threaten grazing cattle

The British Columbia wildfires have put up to 20,000 cattle on pastures at risk.

The head of the B.C. Cattleman's Association said there are a significant number of ranches established in the Cariboo region, where dozens of fires have been sparked since Thursday.

Association general manager Kevin Boon said with so many fires springing up at once and cattle dispersed across properties for summer grazing, many ranchers didn't have time to collect and move herds.

"We're hoping they're staying ahead of the fire because in a lot of cases with the vastness of the area out there, you just can't get to your cattle," he is quoted by Canadian Press.

Boon said it's too early to be sure of the exact numbers of cattle on the range, but if the fires spread, more than 20,000 head could be affected.