Thursday, July 13, 2017

Loblaws recalling chicken nuggets

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has traced an outbreak of salmonella food poisonings to Loblaws’ President’s Choice brand chicken nuggets.

They are now on recall and consumers are advised to not eat them.

They are the Pub Recipe Chicken Nuggets sold under the President’s Choice label.

The investigation into salmonella outbreaks began March 4, reports Public Health Canada, and involved people in nine provinces.

The Globe and Mail reports that Loblaws is claiming it's undertaking the recall as an "abundance of caution" and says there are no problems if the products are handled properly and cooked to kill bacteria.

What a load of crap!

People are sick. Salmonella can spread to other foods once it's in the home. And why do the nuggets leave the plant supplying Loblaws with salmonella contamination?

This is not simply a Loblaws issue. The products show up in all of its supermarkets, including Zehr's, Superstores, No Frills and Value Marts.