Friday, July 14, 2017

Chicken board opts for modular loading

The Chicken Farmers of Ontario marketing board has decided all its farms will move to modular loading by 2024.

It will phase out the use of crates which have become controversial with the recent release of underground videos in British Columbia showing how chickens are stuffed into crates.

“Modular loading of chickens at the farm level combined with new handling procedures at the processing facility will enhance animal welfare practices, worker occupational health and safety, industry-wide efficiencies and support profitable, consistent growth,” the chicken board says in a news release.

“CFO is committed to providing our customers with Ontario raised premium chicken grown with passion and care,” said board chairman Ed Benjamins.

“Our industry continues to identify and adopt best practices,” said board president and ceo Rob Doug's.

“The move to modular loading represents a significant investment in the future and will help ensure that this growing industry continues to meet the needs of Ontario chicken consumers.”

Only one of the board’s 1,200 has a modular loading system in operation now, and another member is planning to buy one.