Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Chicken farmers match food bank donations

Ontario’s chicken farmers have increased their commitment to feeding hungry people.

This week, any donations made online to Feed Ontario will be matched by the CFO Cares: Farmers to Food Banks program.

“Chicken farmers understand that there are people in our communities that need a little help,” said marketing board chairman Ed Benjamins. 

“That’s why hundreds of chicken farming families donate fresh premium Ontario chicken to food banks each year through the CFO Cares: Farmers to Food Banks program,” he said.

“Matching online donations to Feed Ontario mean
s that more children, families, and individuals will be able to access the nutrition they need. With Thanksgiving around the corner, this is our way of spreading a little good.”

CFO kicked off Hunger Action Month a few weeks ago, with three foodbank events in the London area to help raise awareness and strengthen relationships with stakeholders and government.