Monday, September 23, 2019

Sheep board engages Dr. Deb Stark as advisor

Dr. Deb Stark, a former deputy minister of OMAFRA who was also the province’s first chief veterinarian, has signed onto Ontario Sheep Farmers as an advisor to the board of directors.

It’s the first time an Ontario farm organization has taken on such a high-powered executive as an advisor to the board.

Marc Carere, chairman of the board of Ontario Sheep, said that the creative approach to do things differently.

The sheep industry has gone through bouts of turmoil with clashes between those who aim to develop large-volume flocks and advanced technologies versus long-established shepherds who run smaller flocks and pursue more traditional stewardship approaches.

“We recognized that there’s a lot of issues that keep coming to our industry,” Carere said. 

It’s not clear how many meetings Stark will attend; she might be engaged as a public spokesperson for the industry.

There's no doubt she's one smart cookie.