Thursday, September 19, 2019

Ford goes to Japan

It may be no coincidence that Ontario Premier Doug Ford is on a trade mission to Japan.

The federal Conservatives want to distance themselves from unpopular Ford, and the distance to Japan seems about right.

Meanwhile, Conservative leader Andrew Sheer seems intent on repeating Ford's follies.
Recall that the first thing Ford did was cut taxes for corporations and the wealthy by $3.6 billion.
Sheer has promised to cut taxes by $6.=1 billion.

Then Ford promised spending increases for goodies. Sheer seems to be unveiling expensive goodies every day.

So when Ford took office, he said that balancing the budget would require spending cuts. Surprise, surprise! 

Want to bet that Sheer won't want to cut the deficit if he's elected?

And where do the cuts fall? Ford targeted things such as support for refugees, legal aid, and services for the poor and marginalized. Recall the autism outrage?

Maybe Sheer should be in Japan with Ford.