Monday, September 16, 2019

PIC rejects show merger

The Poultry Industry Council has rejected the idea of merging its annual show with the Canadian Poultry XPO planned for Stratford late next year.

The Canadian Poultry Council and the Western Fair District recently invited the XPO organizers to a meeting and “after reviewing the presentation by XPO organizers, (the Poultry industry Council) has decided not to participate or collaborate with the show that’s planned for Stratford in late 2020, and will have no official affiliation with the event, the council said in a news release.

 “PIC does not believe there is value to collaborate with the Canadian Poultry XPO event,” said council chairman Ed Verkley. 

“We will not be working together as we see little net benefit for PIC members based on a presentation to the PIC board by Poultry XPO organizers.”

The Canadian Poultry XPO is being launched by the organizers of the Canadian Dairy XPO at Stratford, Jordon and Donna Underhill