Thursday, September 5, 2019

P+H buys Dreyfus’s Prairie elevators

P+H is buying 10 Prairie grain elevators from Louis Dreyfus of Rotterdam.

The deal does not include a modern oilseed crushing plant at Yorkton, nor are the elevators along the lower St. Lawrence River in Quebec included.

P+H is a combination of businesses developed by the Heimbecker family of Ontario and the Parrish family of Winnipeg.

Current generations of the two families continue to manage the privately-held business which includes New Life feed and flour mills in Ontario, Cook’s grain elevators, Swift butterball, turkey and chicken farms and quota and an interest in - some say controlling interest - the GrayRidge nation-wide egg-industry empire.

None of P+H’s financial records are open to the public, nor were any financial details of the purchase from Dreyfus revealed.