Monday, July 18, 2022

Alta co-op gives employees $2,000

United Farmers of Alberta Co-operative is giving its employees two payments for $1,000 each to offset the impact of inflation.

It will go to all but senior-level positions and fits with UFA’s “history of rewarding and recognizing their team members,” it said.

The first payments will be made at the end of the month, the second in December.

“This announcement is both compassionate and strategic and it’s very much in keeping with our co-operative values and purposeful trajectory of UFA’s culture,” said president and chief executive officer Scott Bolton. 

“The resilience and dedication of our team is the most important asset we have. We have always strived to create a service-led environment, a place where people genuinely want to give their best selves in helping our members and customers, and where they feel a sense of belonging, and a sense of safety. 

"Particularly after the challenges faced over the last two years, we need to assure our team that we’re grateful for them and we have their back,” he said.

UPA earlier handed out spot bonuses during the COVID-19 pandemic.