Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Ontario Pork features producer stories

Ontario Pork has set up a website with stores and recipes collected from people involved in the industry.

“Over the past several months, Ontario Pork compiled an extensive collection of stories and recipes from people across the pork supply chain from farmers and truckers to retail workers and chefs.” The marketing board said on its main website.

“These stories bring to life the commitment to quality behind every plate of delicious, nutritious, Ontario-grown pork. It’s a way to connect with consumers on a basis of our shared values, starting with great food.

“We invite you to visit the We Go Whole Hog campaign website to celebrate Ontario pork and the people behind it. From July to December, we will be launching a series of social media and digital advertising, including tie-ins to Ontario Pork’s Toronto FC (football club) sponsorship and “best-of-the-best” ads.

There will also be in-store displays, branded giveaways, and an expanded collection of Ontario pork stories and recipes both online and in print.