Friday, July 22, 2022

Ontario opposes federal fertilizer policy

Ontario Agriculture Minister Lisa Thompson is opposing the federal government’s policy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from fertilizers by 30 per cent.

She made the statement following.a meeting of agriculture ministers in Saskatoon.

She said they called for more consultation and flexibility, but did not say whether anyone else felt as strongly as she she has made clear.

“As our farmers work to feed Canada and the world, we need to work with them and support their ongoing efforts to grow and produce the food we need.

“The federal government needs to be true partners, rather than simply imposing targets that make it harder,” said Thompson.

She softened her criticism by saying she appreciates the federal government’s participation in other initiatives.

She did not declare a stance on the 35 per cent tariff the federal government imposed on fertilizers from Russia.

While farmers suffer from global warming, Thompson and her premier refuse to do anything to reduce GHG emissions.

In fact, right now Ford is giving people a holiday from the excise tax on gasoline.