Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Milk price backlash

Angela Dorie, a Jersey farmer near Cornwall, said her dairy-farming neighbours are not in favour of the 2.5 per cent price increase for their milk.

She said it is giving dairy farmers a bad reputation for being greedy.

And she said she assumes this increase will be deducted when the regular annual price review takes place for a Feb. 1 adjustment.

“But that remains to be seen,” said the dairy farmer and writer.

The increase was requested by Dairy Farmers of Canada, the national association formed by provincial marketing boards. The decision in pricing was made by two government-appointed commissioners of the Canadian Dairy Commission.

All livestock and poultry farmers are feeding rations priced much higher than a year ago or even last fall when the Canadian Dairy Commission hiked prices by an unprecedented 8.4 per cent.

The federal and provincial governments grant farmers the right to set milk prices in return for a promise to meet Canadian demand for milk and dairy products and to avoid producing a surplus. Production is regulated by quotas.