Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Walmart squeezes sjuppliers – again

Walmart has told some suppliers that it will tack on new surcharges for transporting their goods to warehouses and stores in response to rising fuel.

The fees, including a fuel surcharge and a pickup charge, are set to start Aug. 1 and follow similar policies instituted recently by competitors such as Amazon, which in April introduced an inflation and fuel surcharge of five per cent.

Suppliers will be able to switch from Walmart's collect shipping service to a prepaid shipping plan, a news report said.

A Walmart spokesperson told a reporter that adding the surcharges would help the retailer keep prices lower for consumers in the current economic environment.

Let's see how well the new code of practice in Canada works for suppliers. Of course, if it doesn't, they could appeal to Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau for relief. Good luck with that because federal Liberals seem good at talk, not so much on action.