Tuesday, July 26, 2022

U.S. pork producers get pandemic pay

Hog farmers in the United States are in line for $62.8 million to compensate for the COVID-19 pandemic. This is on top of $50 million already paid them.

The cheques should start arriving this week, said the U.S Department of Agriculture.

There is nothing comparable for Canadian hog farmers who are in direct competition for the North Ameican and export markets.

The subsidy applied to hog sales on a spot market from April 16 to Sept.1, 2020. 

 “In order to provide more targeted support to hog producers affected by the pandemic (the government) was able to increase funding to provide full payments to producers instead of applying a payment factor,” said program administrator Zach Ducheneaux. 

The program is capped at 10,000 head per farm, no matter how small or large or who owns it.