Thursday, July 21, 2022

New book about poultry

Breeder Management and Nutrition: Moving the industry forward is a reference book for broiler chicken production, including “new ideas in management, nutrition, and industry sustainability,” said Novus International Inc.

“We know in order to meet the production goals of tomorrow, each part
of the industry must work together today,” said Sandrine Durox, Novus
poultry solutions manager who serves as book co-curator together with
Novus executive regional technical services manager Silvia Peris and professor Johan Buyse of KU Leuven, who served as scientific coordinator. 

“This book brings together the knowledge and know-how of academics, researchers, industry leaders, breeding companies, nutrition companies, veterinarians, and nutritionists to consider how each part of the broiler breeder’s lifecycle can be impacted to optimize performance and positively impact the producer and the industry.” 


“It was important to have contributors from recognized academia, as well as experts from the industry and breeding companies, to properly cover the vast array of topics ranging from practical management, nutrition (quality and quantity), welfare, (epi)genetics and physiology,” Buyse said.


Novus will host the official book launch on August 8 during World Poultry Congress 2022 in Paris.