Thursday, March 9, 2017

Another premise released from TB quarantine

Another premise has been released from quarantines set up by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to prevent the spread of tuberculosis in Alberta and Southwestern Saskatchewan.

That brings the total of releases to 20 and for the first time in months it also reduced the number under quarantine to 53.

The first 19 releases did not bring down the total in quarantine.

So far 10,000 cattle have been slaughtered, all owned by one establishment which has cattle on 18 premises.

There are 7,500 under quarantine at 53 premises. Those farmers and ranchers can’t move any animals on or off their premises.

The CFIA says “genetic analysis showed that the bovine TB organism from the (six) infected cows is not the same as any strains detected in Canadian domestic animals or wildlife or humans to date.

“All six currently confirmed positive cows have the same strain of TB.

“This strain of TB identified in these confirmed positive cows is closely related to a strain first found in cattle in Central Mexico in 1997.”