Saturday, March 25, 2017

Three more sites released from TB quarantine

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has released three more sites from tuberculosis quarantines that now remain on 50 sites in Alberta and Southwestern Saskatchewan.

The quarantines were established when a cow tested positive for tuberculosis at a packing plant in the United States.

That cow was traced to a large operation in Alberta which keeps cows at 18 premises. 

Tracing movements in and out of that cow-calf operation prompted the CFIA to impose quarantines on other farms and ranches.

There now are 23 farms and ranches that have been cleared from quarantines.

So far about 10,000 animals have been slaughtered, all on the 18-premises operation – to prevent further spread of the disease.

Six animals from that operation have been confirmed to have been infected with a strain of tuberculosis that has never before been seen in Canada, but has been identified in Mexico.