Monday, March 13, 2017

Starvation threatens

We are on the brink of starvation not seen since the Second World War, warns the United Nations.

The list is long and worrisome, especially across Africa – South Sudan, Nigeria, Somalia, Ethiopia – but also the Ukraine and other places.

The one thing they have in common is war, making it too dangerous for farmers to do their work of producing food.

What do we, the agriculture industry of Canada, do in the face of this looming tragedy?

We know how to produce an abundance of nourishing foods, but how can we respond to these crises?

Do we send food? If so, how, what and where?

Do we provide money so culturally-appropriate foods can be purchased close to those in need?

If so, how do we deliver it to those in need, especially in the midst of wars?

I am surely not alone in pondering these challenges.

But I know for certain that the need is great and that we in Canada have more resources than most in the world to rise to the challenges.

But do we have the will to apply our resources?

It is a question to pose in prayer.